"The true mystery of the world is the visible not the invisible."

OSCAR WILDE, Irish Writer, 1854-1900

"Myth One"

My art evolves from trying to understand the many differences in cultures and lifestyles, the varied histories of this country, its areas and people ... to make sense of the world today.

I take found objects that seemingly do not go together--a broken statue, a plastic ceiling grid, brass beads, a piece of metal, an old drawing, that is colored with pencils, a gold-leafed and heavily painted piece of watercolor paper. Images of the past, present and parts of my imagination are collages placed together to convey a feeling that I have of countries where I have been, places where I want to go and the images of that imaginary journey.

As I begin to work, the images are clearly assembled in my mind. But, what I imagine is not what happens. Somewhere in the activity of making art, the piece takes on a life of its own ... it becomes itself. I have learned from my work that there is more than one way to make art and more than one way to think. This translates to life in general. Spontaneity and creativity are ideas that come from different levels of experience. Writing about my art helps me to discover meaning and understanding, as both a person and as an artist.

"Water Myth"


A broader definition of my art will always be found as I travel and explore this world, and the Internet. In working, I will be able to continue my narrative, incorporate the changing landscape, and as I write in my journal, complete the drawings and sketches that will help me to see how I have become different by my varied experiences with other cultures.

Will the internet change with me also?


Mimi Shapiro's artwork entitled, "Self Healing" was exhibited at the Museum of Art in Fort Lauderdale, Florida where she recieved a Best In Show Award from renowned art critic Donald Kuspit at the Hortt 39 Exhibition in 1997.

More recently Mimi Shapiro was selected as a HerStory 2004 Artist Profile Award Winner by Manhattan Arts Gallery.

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"Remembering Sarajevo"